Chilliwack Taxi wishes a happy and safe Halloween

Chilliwack Taxi wishes a happy and safe Halloween to the whole community. The new management at Chilliwack Taxi is aware of the significance of the safety of the kids, parents, party-goers, drivers and the surroundings. It is very essential that the drivers are aware of the safety measures that are involved in keeping everyone safe on Halloween night. All the taxi drivers are instructed and educated to be extra cautious on the Halloween evening. The drivers are given the following guidelines on the special evening:

  1. In between 6:00 PM to 9:00PM the side streets are the busiest streets with trick-n-treat folks.
  2. Drive your car on the side streets as if they were all school zones, means drive not more than 30kmph. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination.
  3. Please do not use cell phones at any cost while driving . You should be mainly focusing on the driving because a little ghost or goblin could pop up from anywhere at any moment.
  4. Watch for the kids and parents or groups of people on the streets and sidewalks. Stop your car quite frequently to make sure people on the streets are aware that you are being watchful for them.
  5. When pulling in or out of driveways stay alert of your surroundin