New Year’s Eve – Thanks for Your Support

As usual the new year’s eve is a time to say good bye to the current year and to welcome the New Year. It is a time to celebrate the joy and the excitement together with our relatives, friends and even with the strangers. It is an evening  of parties that continues till the next morning. Obviously, there is not better alternative than calling a taxi to be safe for yourself and for others.

Chilliwack Taxi has been a part of this celebration every year. This is You and Your trust in Chilliwack Taxi that make us proud of our community. At Chilliwack Taxi we understand the significance of the taxi service on this special occasion. We deployed extra staff to answer your calls (thanks to the staff too for their hard work and patience with customers). Although it was not our intention to have you wait a long time but due to the busyness of the event it was unavoidable. For that inconvenience we apologize. We are glad  that everything went safe and smooth.

All the taxi cabs were inspected and it was made sure that the whole fleet be available to serve you as quick as possible. All the 31 cabs including 4 six-seater vans worked whole night. No driver had a chance to take any breaks. It was just go-n-go!

If you have any suggestions, or concerns to make make our service better and efficient , you are welcome to email us at

Chilliwack Taxi is grateful to the whole community for a continuous support to make it the-ride-of-the-choice.